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Bhraman - Roaming Billing Solution

A comprehensive Roaming Management System that handles all aspects of Roaming Billing starting with conversion of CDRs received from Mediation to updating Billing System and Financial Accounting System. The system can be easily interfaced with any Mediation System and with any Billing System and Financial Accounting System. The system provides complete support for all versions of TAP specifications under version 2.x and 3.x.  


  • Save revenue by directly interfacing with Partner Roaming Operators. No need for channeling through Data Clearing House for upgrade / downgrade. 
  • Separate system for Roaming Billing reducing load on Billing and Rating System. 
  • Automatic update of Billing and Financial Accounting System 
  • Built-In Data Analytics for optimizing Roaming Operations.  

Paikari - Interconnect Billing System

Paikari is a comprehensive Interconnect Management Solution.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive support for Wizard based interfaces for Partner Management
  • Web Portal for uploading data from Partners and for downloading Invoices and/or Reports
  • Rates, Discounts and applies Tax
  • Handles different types of Agreements with Partners
  • Provides Multi-Currency support
  • Includes Least Cost Routing Solution build using Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)
  • Includes comprehensive Dispute Resolution and Settlement System
  • Rating Engine Built using Java
  • Web Portal built using Node JS and Angular JS
  • Database tested with are Oracle 12g and Tibero v6
  • Data Analytics built using R Language and Python
  • APIs exposed for developing Mobile Applications
  • Can be deployed on Red Hat Linux Machines and/or Solaris Machines

Learning R through an Example

Learning R through an Example - Course Contents

“Learning R through an Example” is an introductory program in learning R Programming. This program comprises of 2 videos. We use real world scenarios to explain the concepts so that it can be readily applied to real world scenarios.

We approach R Programming in this program with a view of R programming being used by typical Managers.

The program requires basic understanding of some programming language and the constructs of programming. Also, if the participants have basic understanding of Statistics, it will be useful.

News Update

Paikari fully integrated with Tibero v6